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       In terms of health development the most important time of a baby’s life is the first 3 years. And nutrition plays a crucial role. "Spelenok" trademark is developed taking into account all specifics of babies’ development and needs, as well as the stages of introducing supplementary baby food. This is a wide and diverse selection of fruits and vegetable purees, traditional and enriched juices, functional beverages, as well as water which plays an essential role since birth. Taking into account various situations of consumption the trademark’s products are produced in different packages and in different volumes to make it more convenient for consumers.

      The products quality and safety control is performed absolutely at all production stages. Moreover, we understand the importance of the raw materials quality, control and origin for baby food products production, that is why we grow and process many fruits and vegetables on our own. So, recommending "Spelenok" trademark to our consumers, we are proud to say that “We Know How to Grow”.