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Tetra Pak packaged purees Spelenok

Puree is the first step in accustoming the baby to denser and thicker food after mother’s milk. The first purees necessarily have to be homogenized and preferably without sugar and starch. Fruit purees are soft and easy-to-digest products, which are made from ripe fruit pulp and make a valuable source of food fibers.
Vegetable purees are complete dishes for complimentary feeding, having a large nutritional value as compared to fruit purees due to their high content of useful cellular tissue, vitamins and minerals.

125 ml Tetra Brik Aseptic Slim
Apple with vitamin C
Pear with vitamin C
Pumpkin with vitamin C
Carrot with vitamin C
Banana with vitamin C
Apple with curd
Apple-pear-peach with curd
Apple-banana-plum with curd
Apple and pumpkin with rice
Pear with oatmeal
Apple with cream
Peach-banana-apple with cream
Apple-pear-plum with cream
Apple and strawberry with cream
Apple and pumpkin with cream
Apple and carrot with cream
Apple with 4 cereals