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Spelenok juices in package Tetra Pak

Spelenok baby juices are made from green Don apple cultivars. They are the least allergenic fruit, and that is why babies feel great eating food based on them. Green does not mean sour.  It only means that the skin of such green apples contains no coloring pigments. They are ripe fruit mellowed by the southern sun, which are characterized by a high content of fruit sugar and, moreover so, in an ideal combination with organic acids. That is why all Spelenok baby juices have a pleasant sweet-sour taste (without any sugar!) and do not irritate the baby’s delicate stomach. 

Fruit and vegetable juices are among the first foods added to the diet of the breastfed child. The nutritional value of juices lies with the high content of natural sugar (glucose and fructose) , as well as some vitamins and microelements (potassium, vitamin C and iron). These are important energy sources for the growing organism, which are ideal for babies since they have liquid consistency.  Besides, juices contain many useful organic acids, which have a positive effect on children’s digestion, as they stimulate the appetite and intestinal motility.

125 ml Tetra Brik Aseptik Slim
200 ml Tetra Prisma Aseptik
Directly expressed apple
Directly expressed apple
Green apple
Apple and pear with pulp
Apple and cherry
Apple and pear enriched with pectin with pulp
Apple and peach enriched with pectin with pulp
Apple and banana
Apple and grape
Apple and cranberry
Apple and blackberry