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Agricultural Sector

   Sady Pridonia National Food Group is the only domestic company in the juice market which grows its own raw materials for industrial processing and further use in goods production. Accordingly, one of the key competences of the company is a farming industry with a structure including six branches. They are located in Volgograd, Saratov and Penza regions. The majority of the branches are in charge of providing the company grown fruit products, so they gather high crop yields of apples, cherries, sweet cherries, plums and cherry plums. The branch specializing in growing vegetables is in charge not only of supply of high quality vegetables for processing, but also of fresh products selling.

    Availability of the company own raw material base located in the regions close to the processing plant has its advantages.

     Firstly, it allows controlling entire production process starting from the tree planting or vegetable seeds planting. At later stages this guarantees the high quality of the finished product. Secondly, it prevents risks arising from the fluctuation of prices for raw materials at the market.

     The company uses state-of-the-art technologies which make it possible to grow high quality fruit and vegetables.