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Fruit Farming

       Sady Pridonia company encourages efficient development of the domestic gardening, maintaining its best traditions and using advanced agricultural technologies. Local fruits are unique in their taste and biological parameters, and at the present moment they are grown in 6 agricultural branches of the company over 7,000 ha area (Volgograd, Saratov and Penza regions), where 5,000 ha are fruit producing gardens and 2,000 ha are young gardens.

       Fruit farming development in the company’s branches is encouraged by available mother plantations and seed fields. Sady Pridonia company has four large mother plantations that supply around 600 thousand seedlings stocks every year. Prepared seedlings are replanted into seed fields where the prospective tree is inoculated and developed further for 2 years. Before planting seedlings into the garden they are examined, then only best samples are used for further growing.

          The company’s fruit farms plant only super intensive dwarf and semi-dwarf gardens that start yield a harvest earlier than traditional gardens. Dwarf trees start yielding harvest 2 years after they are planted, semi-dwarf trees start yielding harvest 4 years after they are planted. For reference, gardens of traditional growth start yielding harvest 6 years after they are planted.

       It is more cost-efficient to grow intensive gardens. Their planting plan is a lot denser (up to 2 thousand trees for 1 ha) than that for traditional growth method gardens (up to 450 trees for 1 ha). A dense planting system is what makes intensive gardens.

       A dwarfing stock tree yields 30 kg, 1 hectare yielding capacity can reach 45 tons (60 tons/ha in some areas).

       Over 60 summer, autumn and winter varieties of apple trees grow in the company's gardens. Percentage ratio: 20% summer varieties, 30% autumn varieties and 50% winter varieties.

       Each variety is characterized by its own features, taste and flavor. The most famous are Severny Sinap and Golden Kursk Reinette. In addition to apple trees the company branches grow cherries, cherry plums, sweet cherries and plums.

       Unique climate conditions contribute to gardening in the selected regions. Fruits accumulate optimal combination of dry substances, sugars, organic acids and vitamins. Apart from the sun fruits need balanced water consumption. The state-of-the-art drop irrigation system helps to maintain an optimal mode for trees watering and feeding. This system regulates the quantity of the supplied water. This enables to save water and energy resources which results in the ecological cleanliness of fruits.

         Sady Pridonia keeps developing and strengthening its raw materials base using high quality seedlings and state-of-the-art agricultural technologies. Every year the company branches plant new gardens over about 500 ha area.