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Plant Growing

Grain crop production

Sady Pridonia National Food Group LLC produces grain crops to ensure efficient use of farming territories. Unlike gardening which is paid off only after several years, grain crop production ensures a fast payback within one year. Profit from this business sector is actively invested into development of the company. Currently Sady Pridonia National Food Group LLC owns 10 thousand ha of cropped lands.

Grain crop production developed most of all in the agricultural branches located in the south of the country, in the Volgograd region. Wheat, rye and barley are grown in Gorodischensky, Elansky, Rudnyansky and Kalachevsky districts. The preference is given to winter cereals as they are more productive for this climatic zone, but the sowing structure also includes spring crops that compensate for possible unfavorable consequences of winter periods.

The current system of crop rotation (rotation of agricultural crops on crop areas and time rotation) makes it possible to achieve sustainable yield and high quality of grain.