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Vegetable Growing

       Vegetable growing as one of the company’s business sectors developed due to commissioning the fruit and vegetables processing plant producing puree.

       Kotlubansky agricultural branch was selected for growing vegetable crops. Taking into account specific features of soil and climate of the region and using state-of-the-art technologies the company specialists managed to achieve excellent results in growing carrot, pumpkin, marrow, beet-root, cauliflower and broccoli.

       The company agronomists check the variety assortment taking into account the requirements to the raw material used in baby food production. That is why all vegetables have superb organoleptic qualities (look, color, consistence, smell and taste).

       Carrot. High carotene content and sweet taste make it irreplaceable in juices and purees production for baby food.

       Pumpkin is a special cultivated plant. Rare muscat varieties are used for processing, they feature high carotene content, up to 7% of sugar and up to 12% of dry substances. They are used for production of aromatic, delicious and, the main thing - colorful puree.

      Marrow. Special varieties named "Aral" and "Jetta" are selected for growing. They feature a remarkable growing capacity. The marrows are white, their pulp is rich and tasty. In 2012 the first lot of one-component puree for baby food (trademark “Spelenok”) was produced from the company grown marrows.

      Beet-root. The formula of the multi-vegetable juice with beet-root (“Sady Pridonia” trademark) includes variety named “Pablo”. It features increased content of betanin and sugars, as well as excellent palatability traits which have positive effect on the immune system.

       In 2014 the list of vegetable crops was complemented with new representatives of the cabbage family. The fruit processing and puree producing plant started processing cauliflower and broccoli.

       All fruit and vegetable products are carefully examined and pass quality control in the laboratory. The staff of the production test laboratory carefully control the parameters. It is hard work requiring a high level of attention focusing and incredible responsibility. This work makes it possible in the end to produce high quality products that are chosen by our consumers.