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Fruits and Vegetables Processing Technology

Sady Pridonia company uses state-of-the-art equipment and advanced methods of fruits and vegetables processing which enables to produce goods using raw materials grown on Russia's soils.

The proximity of the processing plant of Sady Pridonia National Food Group LLC makes it possible to guarantee fresh fruit received for processing at the major vegetable growing and gardening branch of the Company.

Within several hours after their gathering fruits and vegetables are delivered to the plant located at Sady Pridonia village in Gorodischensky district of the Volgograd region.

Based on the set production task, as well as on the parameters of the original material, fruits are sent to one of the two workshops – for juice or puree processing.

Apples take the first place among the fruits received for processing. They are processed to produce juice, including directly squeezed juice, delicious apple puree and the only juice made in Russia from green apples.

Sady Pridonia company uses equipment which is capable of processing plums, cherries and other stone fruits and berries. Puree from carrots and pumpkins grown on the company’s fields is a crucial element of various nectars formulas, baby food.

The state-of-the-art technologies, extensive knowledge and long-term experience of the company’s specialists help to maintain inimitable natural taste of fruits and vegetables making it available for everyone who chooses a healthy diet.