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Juices Production

Production of juice concentrates has gained popularity worldwide. Sady Pridonia company uses this technology in order to create reserves for off-peak periods and low-yield years, to use juice concentrates for blending and improving organoleptical properties of the end products.

Juices are concentrated by means of evaporating. Liquid is gently removed from fruits and vegetables which results in a completely natural product – juice concentrate. Juice concentrate production involves several stages.

Preparation of raw material. Fruits from gardens are delivered by motor transport to the plant and fed into tanks with total volume of 500 tons. Apples are received by variety: green ones and varieties assortment. Directly squeezed apple juice is produced from a mixture of different varieties but these apples are never lower than the first quality.

All raw materials are washed several times. Damaged and low quality fruits, sticks and leaves are removed by hand. Fruits are crumbled to provide best extraction of juice. The received mass (marrow) consisting of 2-5mm particles is sent for pressing.

Pressing. Apple marrow is pressed on horizontal hydraulic presses made by Bucher. Juice is extracted under the pressure of pistons in the process chamber of the press. The drainage system does not allow solid particles to get into the squeezed juice.

After clarification the directly squeezed juice is immediately sent straight for filling. The key stage for juice concentrates production is passing the three-stage vacuum evaporation system made by Bucher Unipektin .

Bucher presses operating under pressure squeeze the juice out of crushed fruits Evaporation. At the first stage of evaporation juice enters the system where it loses 20-25% of water under vacuum and short-term heating. At the same time natural volatile aroma-forming substances are collected, some of them are sent for storage in special vessels and stay there until they are used in the process of juice reconstitution.

Clarification. After the first stage of evaporation juice is clarified at the ultra-filtration unit. The membrane filters system lets dissolved low-molecular formations (acids, flavoring substances, sugar) through and keeps “extra” high-molecular particles (pectins, suspended solids, starch).

Final evaporation. After ultra-filtration clarified juice is fed to the final evaporation stage. It is cooled and sent for storage in bulk marked vessels (tanks). Juice concentrates are kept in the premises with regulated temperature mode (0 -2°C) and are used as necessary in production of pure and blended flavors.