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Puree Production

The state-of-the-art technologies make it possible to produce delicate puree preserving color, original flavor and a wide range of vitamins and microelements of fresh fruit.

In 2007 Sady Pridonia company commissioned a fruit processing plant producing puree in aseptic package. 8 tons per hour capacity equipment was supplied by the Italian company Rossi&Catelli. Line flexibility allows producing purees from apples, cherries, plums, cherry plums, pumpkins, marrows and other plant material. Aseptic packaging (aseptic bags of 200 kg capacity) provides preservation of the semi-finished product until it is used for production of finished goods.
Methods of processing fruits and vegetables for puree are indeed gentle.
At first fruits are unloaded at the receiving station and are carefully washed. If apples are to be processed, the containers are turned over by means of the dumping device at 180 degrees, and fruits start falling into the wash tank with water. This softened falling prevents bruises that might affect the quality and color of the puree. Operators provide continuous visual control of the raw material quality. They remove low-quality fruits, mechanical waste, remains of leaves.
Then fruits are crumbled and crushed by means of the graters system and mashed through screens. When fruits are not preliminary heat processed, it is called a cold mashing method. It allows producing top quality puree. Dry substances content in the puree and fresh fruits that are used for puree production is absolutely equal. Only the product form and consistency is changed.

To increase consumer appeal and ensure preservation of the puree until the time it is used in the production of the finished goods, air bubbles are removed from it (deaeration process) and the product is viscolized (homogenized to delicate condition in special packaging).

Short-term heating of the product shall provide its microbiological purity. Further fast cooling allows preserving vitamins and maintaining the structure and consistency of the puree. During the packaging the valve of the aseptic bag opens automatically in sterile conditions. It takes several minutes for the product to fill the bag, then the aseptic bag is hermetically sealed and lowered into a metal barrel which safely protects it from external mechanical action.

The sealed package ensures long-term storage of the semi-finished product – up to two years. However, the sustainable high demand ensures the use of the reserves within one year.