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The production facility of Sady Pridonia company is located in a village with the same name in Gorodischensky district, 60 km from Volgograd. The level of the workshops technical equipment meets all up-to-date requirements. The production areas are equipped with advanced facilities made by famous European manufacturers (Bucher, Tetra Pak, Rossi&Catelli). This equipment makes it possible to produce environmentally sound products in the close proximity to the raw materials base of the company. The major agricultural branch is located within a walking distance to the facility: it takes 3 hours to extract juice from the moment of gathering fruit from the tree.

The processing and juice products producing plant includes centers for accepting and processing raw materials, automated lines for aseptic packaging into Tetra Pak cardboard packages, and a storage terminal with the racks capable of allocating over 30 thousand pallets or 15 million liters of finished products.

The baby food plant commissioned in 2013 is equipped with a ultra-high-speed automated line for filling the products in glass package. To this date there have been no analogues to it. It is capable of delivering 5 different formats of products. Besides, the plant site is equipped with one of the fastest units producing the most popular format (0.2 l in TetraPak package – the line delivers 24 thousand packages an hour).

Today, the total capacity of 20 production lines amounts to 1,500 tons a day.