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Juice Products

        Juice products that Sady Pridonia company has been producing for over 18 years represent a wide and diverse selection of products from fruits, vegetables, garden and forest berries,100% directly squeezed juices and reconstituted juices, nectars, beverages, berry-drinks, cocktails produced under "Sady Pridonia", "Zolotaya Rus’", "Moy" and "Sochny Mir" trademarks.
      Due to the state-of-the-art methods used in juices production virtually all healthy properties of the fresh fruit are preserved.
      Juices are nutritious, delicious, easy for consumption and that is why they are included in the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations on increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables in the human diet. According to WHO recommendations it is necessary to consume no less than 400 g of fruit and vegetables every day. A glass of 100% fruit or vegetable juice is an excellent equal value replacement of one portion of fruits and vegetables.