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Sady Pridonia National Food Group

       Today Sady Pridonia National Food Group is the absolute leader of the Russian fruit market. It is one of the three major juice producers in the country and the only domestic company among them.

       The company’s unique advantage is their own gardens in Volgograd, Penza and Saratov regions with total area over 7 ha. As a fruit-growing expert Sady Pridonia controls every stage of the tree growth from the moment of planting till harvesting.

       The Company runs a state-of-the-art manufacturing complex in Sady Pridonia village of Gorodischensky district in Volgograd region. The manufacturing plant uses high-technology equipment made by the leading European companies. Many production lines have no equivalents in Russia, some of them are unique worldwide. In order to operate this equipment specialists of the company regularly improve their qualification with additional professional training in the specialized training centers supervised by equipment manufacturers and Russian universities.

       The manufacturing plant has two accredited laboratories which provide quality control of the incoming raw material and final products on a round-the-clock basis. Apart from that, specialists develop new products skillfully combining flavor properties and healthy characteristics.

       With closed-loop production cycle of the manufacturing plant we can control all the processes from start to finish. This approach ensures the high quality of the final product.