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Company History

       The company's history dates back to 1995 when it was decided to build a fruit processing and juice producing plant. It was the time when the first important strategic contracts with Bucher Unipektin (Swiss company) and TetraPak (Swedish company) were concluded. Foreign partners that came to Volgograd in the beginning of the 1990s in order to assess cooperation prospects noted the excellent taste of Sady Pridonia apples. Available raw materials base was one of the strong reasons to support the idea of building the plant and purchasing the most powerful and state-of-the-art equipment in the world. In 1997 the first apple juice packages under "Sady Pridonia" trademark rolled off the production line.

       Since that time the company keeps on growing and developing rapidly. The first operating year showed overall production growth almost by fifty percent (from 620 tons to 1,350 tons a year). Current figures are 1,500 tons a day.

       Over the past 18 years the territory of the gardens expanded from 260 ha to 7,000 ha. Every year 500 ha of new gardens are planted, including apple trees, cherry trees, sweet cherry trees, plum trees and cherry plum trees. In addition, vegetables cultivation area is expanded, as well as the number of crop species. Today these are carrot, marrow, pumpkin, cauliflower, broccoli, beetroot. The share of the company grown raw materials amounts to 50%.

       By 2015 the company assets include the portfolio of such brands as "Sady Pridonia", "Zolotaya Rus’", "Spelenok", "Moy","Sochny Mir". In every price segment the company offers a high-quality product, attractive on all counts.

       Today Sady Pridonia expands its presence in all Russian regions, as well as abroad: in Belarus, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and China.

       Sady Pridonia company is far from complacent – it keeps on developing.


1995 год

fruit farm Pervomaisky is renamed to Sady Pridonia village.

1997 год

first packages of "Sady Pridonia" apple juice (200 ml and 1 l) roll off the production line.

1998 год

production of directly squeezed apple juice starts, production output amounts to 1,350 tons a year.

2002 год

trade mark "Moy" enters the market, this product is targeted at the widest range of consumers.

2003 год

the company produces premium class juice "Zolotaya Rus’".

2005 год

trademark "Spelenok" with a selection of 14 flavors enters the baby food market.

2006 год

trademarks "Sady Pridonia" and "Spelenok" include puree in Tetra Pak package (125 ml)

2007 год

a fruit processing plant producing puree in aseptic packaging is commissioned. Equipment capacity – 8 tons of products an hour.

2009 год

the company starts producing juices, nectars and purees for baby food in new package formats (250 and 330 ml).

2011 год

Sady Pridonia company invites everyone for a virtual tour in the garden at progulkaposadu.ru to see its scale with their own eyes.

2013 год

the baby food production plant starts its operation, it is equipped with a line for juice filling in glass package.

2015 год

a new fruit processing plant producing juice concentrate with an output up to 500 tons a day is built in Rtischevsky district of the Saratov region.