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Company Mission

Healthy generation is a guarantee of the nation's health.
A healthy nation makes the country proud and powerful.

Our mission is to produce only natural, safe, ecologically friendly products for healthy nutrition providing the top quality for our consumers.

“First hand Quality”

Sady Pridonia сompany’s policy is based on the customer orientation, maximum satisfaction of their needs regardless of age, level of income and social status, as well as on providing the customer with quality, safe and healthy nutrition products.
The principles of the company operation:
  • maintaining the quality management system according to International Standard ISO 9001:2008/GOST R ISO 9001-2008, complying with the quality management system of Sady Pridonia, National Food Group, LLC;
  • ongoing improvement of the produced goods quality and competitiveness;
  • adherence to law and regulation requirements regarding the products safety;
  • extending the products range based on the marketing research;
  • increasing production output due to production capacity increase;
  • expanding sales market due to improving the sales structure and establishing long-term links with loyal customers basing on mutually beneficial cooperation;
  • choosing reliable suppliers of high-quality raw materials;
  • improving process technology based on partnership with the best domestic and foreign equipment suppliers;
  • implementing innovative solutions in products packaging;
  • fostering ambitious, hard-working and competent like-minded team.