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Конкурс на концепцию детского сада в Садах Придонья

Kindergarten in Sady Pridonia

   Sady Pridonia is an absolute leader of Russian fruit market as well as in production of juices, baby food and dairy alternatives.

The company is organizing the competition for searching the best concept of kindergarten in Sady Pridonia village. The village is situated 70 km from Volgograd with 800 people living in it.

Sady Pridonia is a modern village with well-developed infrastructure including good road network, houses with nice architecture, single style fences and green places, beautiful cathedral and gorgeous park area.

The basic target of this social project – to attract young specialists for working in the factory and comfort living in Sady Pridonia.

The new building of Kindergarten in Sady Pridonia will be located near the entry to the village and should:

·        Be well integrated in the general architectural concept of Sady Pridonia village;

·        Have unique exterior design and to be distinct from standard Kindergarten in Russia;

·        Be a multifunctional center for comfortable staying and development of children;

·        Be designed for 80 children of age 3-6 y.o. (4 groups, no nursery);

·        Provide all infrastructure content needed for Kindergarten according to Russian federal requirements (gym, pool, music room, etc.).

·        Have beautiful, comfortable, safety, functional and developing outdoor playground.

We invite to our competition young architects, designers and students of profile universities.  

We are waiting from you:

1.      Creative design of main building and outdoor playground (visual concept in jpg)

2.      Internal plan

Participants should send their materials to detsad@pridonie.ru till 25/12/19


Referee will estimate:

1.      Uniqueness and creativity;

2.      Harmonically integration in main style of village;

3.      Functionality.

The referees are:

1.      The president of Sady Pridonia company

2.      The first vice-president of economics and finance of Sady Pridonia company

3.      The head of civil works department of Sady Pridonia company

4.      The vice president of strategy department of Sady Pridonia company

5.      The vice president of industrial production of Sady Pridonia company


The dates:

Registration till 30/11/19

Sending materials till 25/12/19

The prize:

150 000 rub. to the author of the best concept.

If we can find the best concept that project will be realized.

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